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What to do around Barcelona? 12x day trips and Catalonia excursions

Day Trips from Barcelona

What to do near Barcelona and in Catalonia? Tips for the best day trips, excursions and tours from Barcelona Spain.

12x Best Day Trips from Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city on the Mediterranean Sea that not only offers a wealth of activities and sightseeing, but also the opportunity to some breathtaking day trips from Barcelona. After all, the city is an excellent starting point for great day trips that both young and old can participate in. The best excursions from Barcelona offer a varied and unforgettable range of unique experiences. These day trips and tours show you how diverse and interesting the Catalan region is with highlights such as Montserrat, Girona and the Dalí museum in Figueres. Below are the 12 best day trips from Barcelona:

1. Excursion to Montserrat (56 km)

Barcelona excursionsMontserrat Monastery, a day trip from Barcelona
tours from barcelonaThe Basilica of Montserrat Monastery

One of the most beautiful day trips you can make from Barcelona is a visit to Montserrat. Montserrat is a majestic mountain located about 56 kilometers from the city. This well-known mountain is not only known for its breathtaking natural beauty, but also for the Montserrat Monastery. The Monastery of Montserrat has attracted visitors from different corners of the world for centuries and is home to many works of art, including paintings, sculptures and historical artifacts. For Montserrat, visitors have the option of taking a cable car up to the top of the mountain, where they can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of green countryside and pure nature. Once up the Montserrat you can walk through the mountains and learn more about the rich history and religion of this area. In addition, there are numerous cultural and spiritual attractions to discover at Montserrat, including the Montserrat Museum. The museum houses an impressive collection of works by well-known artists. From Barcelona you can book these day trips to Montserrat.

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2. Girona (101 km)

Tours CataloniaThe hanging houses on the Onyar river of Girona
Day tours from BarcelonaGet lost in the Jewish quarter of medieval Girona

What to do in the Barcelona area? The city Girona is located at a distance of over 100 kilometers from Barcelona. The river Onyar has given Girona its defining image of the hanging houses and bridges over this river. The old center of the Girona is located on the steep hill and exudes a medieval atmosphere with the narrow streets and steps of the Jewish quarter, the city walls and the famous Girona Cathedral. This city was a popular filming location for Game of Thrones for a reason. Another highlight of Girona is the Roman monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, a monastery now transformed into an archaeological museum where you can admire beautiful artwork and artifacts on display.

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3. Day trip to Figueres & Dali Museum (138 km)

Dali museum BarcelonaThe striking building of Teatro Museo Dalí
Dali museumThe entrance to the Dalí Theater-Museum

With a day trip you can go to the town of Figueres, 138 kilometers from Barcelona. In Figueres you will find the famous Dalí Museum, a surreal and very unique museum. The museum houses a remarkable collection of artwork by artist Salvador Dali. The artist Dali is known worldwide for his unique style and creative vision. The Dalí Museum offers a wonderful insight into his artistic world and his idiosyncratic way of thinking, giving visitors a special insight into the boundless imagination of the artist. Near Figueres you also have the opportunity to explore the cloisters of the Monastery of Sant Pere de Roda. This beautiful structure is located on top of a hill and offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, the majestic mountains and the picturesque surrounding countryside. The town of Figueres itself is also worth a short walk. A relaxed day trip from Barcelona? Then book this day tour to the Dali museum from Barcelona or already book your Dalí museum tickets online.

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4. Day trip Penedès wine region (53 km)

About 50 kilometers from Barcelona is the famous Penedès wine region. If you want to plan a tasteful and unforgettable day trip from Barcelona, the Penedès wine region could be a great idea. As a true wine lover, you can enjoy extensive vineyards and impressive wine cellars in the Penedès wine region where you can join various wine tours in the area to taste the local wines and cava. You will come around the town of Vilafranca del Penedès to learn how cava is made and also learn more about the local wine industry in the Penedès wine region. While enjoying breathtaking views over the picturesque landscape with beautiful hills, you will learn about the art of winemaking.

Tip: The Penedès wine region offers a variety of wine tours that you can join. One of the most popular wine tours is this day trip to Montserrat and the Cava Vineyards from Barcelona. This Penedès wine tour lasts 10 hours and is well worth it for those looking for a complete and captivating experience.

5. Tour of Medieval villages

Excursion CataloniaThe medieval village of Besalu
Barcelona areaPlaces to visit near Barcelona: Rupit

Visit medieval villages such as Besalú (131 km from Barcelona), Rupit (106 km), Tavertet (103 km), Vic (71 km) and Castellfollit de la Roca (118 km) if you really want to discover Catalonia. Within an hour and a half drive from Barcelona you can imagine yourself in the beautiful historic towns full of charm, culture, history, art and cosiness. Highlights are Besalú with its beautiful medieval bridge and old streets, while Rupit is known for its cobbled streets and old-fashioned wooden houses.

The town of Tavertet, perched on a cliff, offers visitors breathtaking views of the region. In Vic you can walk on the atmospheric square and explore the historic buildings. Castellfollit de la Roca is built on a cliff of volcanic rock. For the ultimate experience on your medieval villages day trip, consider this ‘Medieval Villages Day Tour'. These excursions take you to get to know the history and culture of ancient Catalonia.

6. Cadaqués (170 km)

Catalonia day tripsHighlight: Dali House Museum in Cadaqués
Things to do around BarcelonaThe charming fishing village of Cadaqués

The town of Cadaqués is located 170 kilometers from Barcelona and is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a combination of art, culture, history, relaxation, adventure and fun. The fishing village of Cadaqués features beautiful beaches, whitewashed houses and narrow streets. The Salvador Dalí Portlligat house-museum is also located in Cadaqués. This building used to be Dalí's only permanent residence, where he lived and worked until 1982. Further to Cadaqués is the Cabo de Creus nature reserve, a beautiful area with jagged rocks and picturesque bays. Tip: With this amazing day trip you can even visit Cadaqués, Girona and the Dalí Museum in one day.

7. Roman Tarragona & Port Aventura (97 km)

What to do in CataloniaA day trip to the amphitheater in Tarragona
Catalonia toursPort Aventura, the huge amusement park near Tarragona

The historic city of Tarragona is located just 97 kilometers from Barcelona. Tarragona is filled with Roman history. The city has many sights and places to visit such as the remains of the ancient Roman amphitheatre. In Tarragona you can stroll through the town's charming old streets and picturesque squares to explore the historic site and the remains of the old town. In addition, near Tarragona is the largest amusement park in Europe, namely Port Aventura World (book Port Aventura tickets online). This amusement park will definitely be a fun trip for children from Barcelona, and you can even combine it with the adjacent amusement park Ferrariland.

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8. Colonia Güell & Gaudi's crypt (16 km)

best tours barcelonaGaudi's crypt in Colonia Güell
day trips barcelonaVisit the altar of Gaudi's crypt

Colonia Güell is located close to Barcelona, just 16 kilometers away. Colonia Güell is a unique industrial community filled with beautiful architecture. But the highlight of this visit is undoubtedly Gaudi's Crypt, a masterpiece designed by the visionary architect Antoni Gaudí. Gaudi's Crypt is an unfinished church made with Gaudí's revolutionary design style. The crypt features organic shapes, unique materials and structural elements. This striking creation shows how Gaudí could play with light, space and shapes to create a modern and innovative design. A visit to Gaudi's Crypt and the surrounding Colonia Güell is one of the surprising day trips from Barcelona. This day trip from Barcelona offers a deeper insight into the history, art and architecture of the area. Tip: Colonia Güell is easily accessible from Barcelona when you buy these tickets that also includes a round trip by train.

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9. '3 countries in 1 day'-tour

You can visit more than just one country on a day trip from Barcelona. You even have the chance to explore three countries in one day during a day trip. In addition to Spain and France, you can also visit the beautiful landscape of Andorra at 197 km from Barcelona. Andorra is a small country between Spain and France that is a 3-hour drive from Barcelona. There are several tours available that last one day and allow you to explore a large part of the area. For a great day tour we recommend this '3 countries in 1 day small group tour'. This 12-hour excursion takes you on an adventurous journey through Spain, France and Andorra.

10. Tossa de Mar (86 km)

Costa Brava tours BarcelonaTossa de Mar
Tossa de MarTossa de Mar

Only 86 kilometers from Barcelona, the enchanting Tossa de Mar is a coastal town where history meets nature and several sights are waiting for you. Fewer than 6,000 people live in Tossa de Mar and it is known for its picturesque beaches, medieval town and charming old streets. This makes Tossa de Mar an ideal destination for a relaxing and unforgettable day out of the city where you can enjoy both cultural discoveries and natural beauty.

11. Castillo de Castelldefels (21 km)

Just 21 kilometers south of Barcelona lies Castelldefels, a town with a population of about 65,000. In Castelldefels you will find a towering medieval castle that rises above the town. This day trip offers a fascinating journey back in time, but you can also enjoy panoramic views of the coastline and surrounding landscape during the day tour (more info and tickets Castillo de Castelldefels).

12. Day trips to Sitges (39 km)

Sitges CataloniaDe haven van Sitges
day tours from barcelonaSitges

Just 39 kilometers from Barcelona is the popular coastal town of Sitges. Sitges offers you an escape from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona city, especially if you are planning a trip to the perfect destination for travelers yearning for peace, tranquility and relaxation. Sitges offers beautiful beaches, cozy cafes and atmospheric boutiques. Sitges offers everything you need for a relaxing day out of the city when visiting Barcelona.

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