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Girona Spain: Things to do in Gerona

Places to visit in Girona - Top 13 Attractions in Gerona Spain


What are the sights in Girona? The old city of Gerona (Catalonia) has some beautiful medieval sights. The Top 10 Highlights, best sightseeing and tourist attractions in Girona Spain:

What to do in Girona Spain?

Girona, as the city is officially called in Catalan (or Gerona in Spanish), is a city with 94,484 inhabitants and is located in Catalonia about 100 kilometers north of Barcelona city. The two rivers Onyar and Ter run through Girona city. The River Onyar has given the city its landmark image of the hanging houses and bridges over the river. The old town center is located on the steep hill Caputxins and exudes a medieval atmosphere with the narrow streets and staircases of the Jewish quarter, the city walls and the famous Girona Cathedral. In addition, the Catalan cuisine will delight you with culinary delights and the Girona region is known for its sporting possibilities. An ideal city to visit for a day while on the Costa Brava, or as a day trip from Barcelona. What to do in Girona Spain?

GeronaPlaces to visit: old town of Gerona Spain
GironaSightseeing: the Onyar river in Girona city

History of Girona city

In Roman times the Romans built a citadel called Gerunda on this place and in the 11th century the city received its city rights from the Empire of Aragón. In the centuries that followed, the city flourished with a large Jewish community, making Girona Spain one of the most beautiful and largest Jewish districts in Europe. This came to an abrupt end in 1492 when all Jews were expelled from the country during the Spanish Inquisition. The city has undergone many sieges in the past, including by the Moors and French troops of Napoleon. The defensive walls around the city still remind us of this period and have been thoroughly restored in recent years.

Top 13 Girona Attractions & Sightseeing

During a short city walk it is already possible to see most of the sights of Girona. Almost all top 10 highlights are within walking distance of the old center with the Jewish quarter, an ideal starting point for your tour of these Girona tourist attractions. The best things to do in Girona city:

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1. Girona Cathedral

Originally a Moorish mosque stood on this site, but after the expulsion of the Moors, it was completely rebuilt in the 11th century into what is now Girona's absolute number one landmark, the cathedral. The large cathedral "La Catedral de Santa Maria" is built in the Gothic style and stands at the second highest point in the city, making it immediately stand out in the skyline. At the cathedral, which you must enter via 90 steps, you will find a museum with the treasures of the cathedral.

📌 Tip: Buy the affordable Girona pass. With this ticket you get access to the cathedral, the Girona Art Museum next to the cathedral and the Basilica of Sant Feliu (book your Girona pass).

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2. Passeig de la Muralla (city walls)

A beautiful walking route ("Passeig de la Muralla") has been plotted over the city walls of Girona, from where you have a beautiful view of the city and walk along the towers of the city wall. Some parts of the city wall date back to the 14th century and other parts were rebuilt in the 19th century. The walk starts at the Placa de General Marva and ends at the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants.


3. Jewish quarter (El Call)

In the 12th to 15th century, Girona city had an enormously growing Jewish population, which made it one of the largest Jewish neighborhoods in the world. The well-preserved Jewish district "Call" still consists of a maze of many small streets, stairs and squares, where you can wander around the many shops and eateries. In the "Museu d" Historia dels Jalous ", or the Jewish Historical Museum, you can learn more about Girona's vast Jewish history.

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4. Colored houses on the Onyar river

The cityscape of Girona Spain is formed by the hanging and colorful houses over the Onyar river that flows right through Girona. From the bridges over this Rio Onyar you have a nice view of these colored houses. The most famous house, Casa Masó, can be visited (6 euros entrance) and was designed by Rafael Masó. The most striking bridge is the Eiffel bridge ("Pont de les Peixateries Velles"). This bridge was built by Gustav Eiffel just before he designed the Eiffel Tower.

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5. Sant Pere de Galligants monastery

Built in Romanesque style, the 12th century Sant Pere de Galligants monastery is a striking building in Girona's streetscape. Today, this monastery houses the archaeological museum of Girona. The museum houses archaeological finds from excavations in the Girona region, from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages (address: Plaza Santa Lucía 8).

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6. Eglesia de Sant Feliu

This basilica, with its slender bell tower, dates back to the 14th century and is the other striking church in the Girona skyline. The church is home to some remarkable works of art, such as the eight pagan and early Christian sarcophagi (4th century). Access to the basilica is part of the Girona pass.

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7. Things to do: Game of Thrones tour

Did you know that Girona has been used as a filming location for Game of Thrones from season 6? For example, some churches and streets in the Jewish quarter have been used for film recordings. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then this tour of Game of Thrones sites is an absolute must. More info and reservations for this tour.

Things to do in Girona

8. Girona sightseeing by bike(tour)

The area around Girona city is one of the most popular regions in Spain for cycling, but the city itself is also easy to explore by bicycle. My personal recommendation for things to do in Girona is this fun bike tour, where you discover the best stories and places of this Catalan city with a English-speaking guide.

📌 Update: The tours are unfortunately not available at this moment, a good alternative to discover the city is with this Girona Free Walking Tour.

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9. Cinema museum

Housed in the former Casa de les Aigües, in the Mercadal district, this film museum shows cinema history through a collection of pre-cinema pieces, from the first moving images of shadow theaters to today's cinema (address: Sèquia 1, more info and tickets).

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10. Placa del Independencia

The most famous square in Girona city is Plaça de la Independència, a cozy 19th century square with terraces and many restaurants where the nightlife of Girona will play in the evening. In the center of the square is an 1894 monument commemorating the defenders of the city of Girona from 1809, created by the sculptor Antoni Parera.

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11. Places to visit: Arab baths

On the Plaça dels Jurats is the Arab bathhouse from 1194. This bathhouse 'Banys Àrabs' does not therefore date from the period of Moorish rule, but is built after the example of these old Arab baths. Various areas of the bathhouse have been beautifully restored and can be visited.

Dalí museum iFigueres

12. Dalí Museum in Figueres (40 km)

Just 40 kilometers from Girona city, in the town of Figueres, is one of the most popular sights in Spain, the Dalí Theater-Museum, the museum of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. In this article you can read all about a visit to this special museum and two other sights of Dalí in the Girona area.


13. Medieval village of Pals (40 km)

The small and authentic town of Pals is situated on a hill about 40 kilometers from Girona. This town attracts many tourists because of its well-preserved medieval center. When you are visiting the region by car, a nice trip.

More things to do in Catalonia

Activities & Tours Girona

Visit Girona in Spain?

The city of Girona is highly recommended for a day trip when in the Costa Brava region. You can taste the typical Catalan atmosphere here, but mass tourism such as in neighboring Barcelona is not yet present here. Because most sights are located in the old Girona city center, you can easily visit the city with a medieval atmosphere in one day. Furthermore, Girona city has a perfect train connection with Barcelona (38 minutes with the AVE high-speed train, more info at, making it easy to combine with a Barcelona city trip. Are you coming to Girona by car? Then park your car nearby at the Devesa park, where some free parking spaces are nearby.

Furthermore, Girona airport is 14 kilometers from the city, which is a popular airport for some low-budget airlines. In this article you can read more about Girona airport and the transport options from this airport.

Hotels Girona city

Are you looking for a hotel in the Girona city centre? Then we have three nice and diverse suggestions for you:

  • Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona: This design hotel is located in a restored 18th-century building in the old town of Girona. the hotel is centrally located, very stylishly furnished and reasonably priced.
  • Girona Montjuic Bed & Breakfast: This B&B is located in a neoclassical villa a short walk from the center. From the hot tub or the swimming pool you have a beautiful view over Girona.
  • Hotel Nord 1901 Superior: A beautiful and affordable hotel with absolute taste for furnishing, spacious rooms and a handy location in the center of Gerona city.
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